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Art and Decoration
New York: Art and Decoration Company, 1885-1886?

The period covered initially by Arts:Search will be 1885-1886. Available soon.

Little is known about this short-lived magazine which was "devoted to the arts connected with decoration in all its various applications".  It was 'managed', and possibly owned by the artist George R. Halm (1850-1899) and ran from July 1885 to at least June 1886. The issues we have digitized are volume 1, no.4, August 1885; volume 2, no.2, December 1885; volume 3, no.1, May 1885; and volume 3, no.2, June 1886 [we will digitize more copies if we can obtain them]. These issues contain articles on contemporary architecture, furniture and cabinet work, stained glass, porcelain and ceramics, illumination and ornamentation.