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London: Drawing, 1915-1919

The period covered by Arts:Search is 1915-1916. Available soon.

Monthly. Drawing described itself as “A paper devoted to art as a national asset, entirely owned, edited & managed by professional artists and designers”. These issues contain articles how to design a poster stamp; military sketching; the British Industries Fair; architectural drawing; art of the cinema; the cartoons of H.M. Bateman; Futurism in design; metal repoussé; stained glass; sketching the Kaiser; silhouette drawing; cartoonists and the war; window dressing by Compton Penrose; how to become an art teacher; caricature; stage decoration; cloisonné enameling . Contributors included John Hassall, Walter G. Raffé, Will Scott, P. Wylie Davidson, G.M. Ellwood, F.L. Griggs, Will Dyson; Robert Atkinson, Charles E. Dawson; and Anna Airy