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Industrial Arts
London, England: Bernard Jones Publications Ltd., 1936 [Text in English]

[The period covered by Arts: Search is 1936. Available now]

Short-lived design journal – only four issues published.  Contains articles by Eric Gill, Jan Tschichold, László Moholy-Nagy, Duncan Grant, Raymond Loewy, Norman Bel Geddes, Raymond McGrath, Xanti Schwawinsky, Laurelle Guild, Paul Bonet, Herbert Beyer, Eileen Hunter, Imre Reiner and others on streamlined transport, aluminium tableware, Surrealist bookbinding, modern decorative art in Sweden, the murals of Robert Delaunay, advertising art, the design of modern shops, sculpture on machine-made buildings, modern jewellery, the posters of Austin Cooper, abstract painting and the new typography, propaganda films, Italian industrial art schools, the use of glass in architecture, modern art glass,  the Reimann School in London, the Royal Designer for Industry, humour for advertising, etc.