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Paris: Goupil & Cie, monthly, 1902-1939

[The period initially covered by Arts:Search will be 1902-1920. Available soon]

The editors and co-proprietors of Les Arts were Michel Manzi (1902-1914) and Maurice Joyant (1916-1920). The journal covered the fine and decorative arts, both early and modern, and contained long well-illustrated articles, including an annual report on the Paris Salons. Les Arts was, however, rather conservative and contained little on the avant-garde movements active in Paris during years of its publication. This possibly reflected the taste of its editors, who were art dealers, collectors and co-owners of Galerie Manzi-Joyant, a fine art gallery and publishing house in Paris.

Manzi was an acquaintance of Edgar Degar who painted him in c.1889, and Joyant was a close friend of Toulouse-Lautrec and organised retrospectives of his work in 1902, 1907 and 1914.