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Printers Pie
London: Offices of "The Sphere" and "The Tatler", 1903-1925

The period covered by Arts:Search will be 1903-1925. Available soon.

Published annually, Printers' Pie contained a curious miscellany of literature and art. It included essays, short stories, drawings, sketches and cartoons by some of the leading popular writers and artists of the day including John Hassall, W. Somerset Maugham, Hamilton Fyfe, Baroness Orczy, Lawson Wood, Will Owen, Charles Pears, Tom Browne, Starr Wood, Cecil Aldin, E.T. Reed, Fred Pegram, Frank Newbould, Mabel Lucie Attwell. Harry Rountree. Printers' Pie was published to raise funds for the Printers' Pension Corporation. [See also Winter's Pie].