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London: W. Haddon, 1893-1894

The period covered by Arts:Search will be 1893-1894. Available soon.

Edited by Leonard Raven-Hill and Arnold Golsworthy. “there was from the outset a delightful feeling of irresponsibility about the conduct of The Butterfly. One feels that the editors, who were also the proprietors, printed what they themselves appreciate, without having to keep a nervous eye on a soulless dividend-seeking board of directors” [Thorpe]. Raven-Hill provided many of the illustrations, including no less than 23 drawings for the first issue. Other artists who contributed illustrations to The Butterfly included Maurice Greiffenhagen, Oscar Eckhardt, Edgar Wilson, Paul Renouard, J.F. Sullivan and Adolph Birkenruth. The title was revived in 1899 but closed again after only a few issues.

See: James Thorpe. English Illustration in the Nineties. London: Faber & Faber1935 pp.170-174