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London: Faculty of Arts, 1924-1931?

The period covered initially by Arts:Search will be 1926-1931. Available soon.

The Faculty of Arts was a short-lived independent organisation not affiliated in any way to other body. Its aim was to consolidate the arts in every way possible. It was founded in c.1921 and appears to have lasted for about a decade. The Faculty had sections devoted variously to painting and drawing in all media, commercial art, photography, architecture, etching and other printmaking forms, sculpture, design, drama, literature, music, crafts and dancing. Exhibition facilities were provided at premises located at 10, Upper John Street, Golden Square, London W1., and later at 190-195 Piccadilly, London, W.1.
The Faculty exhibitions included paintings and sculpture by Australian artists in Europe in 1924 and an exhibition of works taken from the British Section of the XIVth International Art Exhibition of the city of Venice, better known as the Venice Biennale, also in 1924.
The Council and its advisors boasted many influential arts related persons. These included Viscount Leverhulme, Sir Henry Wood, G.K. Chesterton, Nigel Playfair, Israel Zangwill, art critic and writer Herbert Furst and artists Edward Borough Johnson, Leonard Richmond and Alfred Wolmar
The Orbit. The Official Journal of the Faculty of Arts was published quarterly and originated as The Faculty of Arts Journal in March 1924. By January 1926 it had adopted the title The Orbit. Copies are extremely scarce [the National Art Library only possesses volumes 1 and 2, 1924-26; no other locations for the journal have been traced]. It is assumed to have ceased publication with the Spring 1931 issue, but it may have continued for longer