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The Quartier Latin
Leyton, Essex, England: Iliffe & Sons, 1896-1899. [Text in English]

[The period covered by Arts: Search is 1896-1899. Available now]

Written and illustrated by mainly young American and British writers and artists, mostly living in Paris at the time. Contributors include J. B. Yeats, G. O. Onions, Charles Pears, James Guthrie, Granville Fell, Gilbert James, Henry O. Tanner, F. Luis Mora, Ernest Seton Thompson, Philip Connard, Garth Jones, Dion Calthorp, Sandor Landeau, Leah Anson, Witos Tod, Kate Adair, Grace Gallatin, Ethelyn Friend, Lamar Middleton, Anna Gannon.  Also includes contributions by J.K. Huysmans.

See: James Thorpe. English Illustration in the Nineties. London: Faber & Faber 1935 pp.181