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The Years Art
London, England: Macmillan & Co. [later, other publishers], 1880-1947 [Text in English]

[The period covered initially by Arts: Search will be 1880-1923.  Available soon]

Subtitled “A concise epitome of all matters relating to the arts of painting, sculpture, and architecture, which have occurred during the year . . . Together with information respecting the events of the year”, the Year’s Art is an indispensable source of intelligence on late nineteenth and early twentieth century art.  Each volume is crammed full of data on the activities of art museums, art schools, and societies, sale rooms, etc.  It also includes a directory of artists and art workers with their address and where they exhibited each year; obituary notices; and an annual review of the art world, including art in the USA, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, and elsewhere in Europe.